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Reflections - 


Reflections is a unique series of work which explores the concept of renewal, restoration and revival from personal experience through to thoughts and memories of the past. A key concept of this work is to celebrate our relationship with nature and the landscape around us. Recording its renaissance, resilience and reassurance. Bringing the outside inside and re-establishing the importance of the world around us. Reflections is reconnecting and rebalancing, offering greater calmness and peace through stillness and beauty. Have you ever wandered and discovered a secret garden or the unexpected? This series of paintings were created from interconnected visits of external surroundings gathering and collecting snippets to act as reminders of each journey and using line, mark making and media to record them, reflecting their energy and vitality. Nature offers us so much although we so often take it for granted. “Reflections” celebrates the seasons, discovering the unexpected, the outside world, with all its’ peace and wonder.

For enquiries and purchases of works on canvas please e-mail

Works on Canvas

Reflections - Framed works on paper

 All works on 350gsm watercolour paper presented and mounted in black frame. For purchases please e-mail priced at £250 plus shipping.

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