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‘Art is a creative expression of oneself’

Gallery Createry - Become part of the Sophie’s Createry art community

Your art e-learning is just a click away -after you purchase a course you will become part of the Sophie’s Createry community, alongside your course you will receive exclusive access to The Sophie’s Createry virtual exhibition space and members area -Gallery Createry. You will be able to see additional hints, inspiration and tips to further develop your creative journey gain ideas and view exhibits from other Sophie’s Createry members. Perhaps your work will be exhibited here too.

Discover Drawing- Launches 2022
e-art learning



A complete e-art course from Sophie in her studio, covering a series of sessions designed for beginners and advanced alike. Perfect for mindfulness and escaping the everyday awaken the senses with some creativity. Explore a range of approaches to drawing from doodling, confidence building exercises to more in-depth experiences. Perfect for escaping the everyday and exploring and developing new ideas for beginners and established artists alike. Discover drawing and it’s ability to transport us to new places visually and emotionally, but most of all to have some fun.
Ages 10 -adults


New courses launching -2022


‘The textured surface’-creating grounds and surfaces for works of art
e-art learning- COMING SOON

 Explore paper surfaces to develop drawing ideas further


Creative Collage-
e-art learning- COMING SOON

Discover the potential of collage to create contemporary works of art


‘Thinking outside of the box’ - Abstract Art Concepts
e-art learning-COMING SOON

Explore the key concepts or creating abstract art and development of creative ideas


Sophie’s Surface-exploration of mixed media techniques
E-art learning-COMING SOON

Direct from her studio -work with Sophie through a number of practical approaches to creating mixed media artwork


Discover Colour
e-art learning COMING SOON

Investigate new thinking on how to use colour, within your works of art

‘Drawing with thread’ - creative textile art machine embroidery
e-art learning -COMING SOON

Create works of art with thread, and explore its decorative potential

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