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 Artist Biography

Biographical information

“The beauty of Art is not just in the visual but in the sensual and the powerful emotional response it can stir within us.”
Sophie Hardisty

Sophie's work transcends across a range of art disciplines. Original mixed media artworks are created through collage, painting, printmaking, stitch and numerous media. The surface is the essence within Sophie's pieces

Besides her professional studio work Sophie has exhibited in galleries in London, Leicestershire, Nottingham, Rutland and the North West of England. She has taught a range of disciplines of Art and Design in secondary schools in the north west of England for 25 years, she provides Art training in conjunction with Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool Hope University, the University of Chester and Manchester Metropolitan University in conjunction with their post graduate art education programmes. She curates online exhibitions and events, runs her own virtual gallery exhibition programme, is a published author and illustrator, delivers specialist workshops and has developed her e-art learning programme through her creative courses at Sophie’s Createry.
You can purchase her original art, limited edition prints and inspired original interior pieces direct from her studio website and at partnership galleries and selected stockists.

Her creative work has covered a plethora of genres but primarily a passion for mixed media painting and mark making techniques, collage, montage and textiles. There is always a strong sense of narrative which flows throughout her work exploring the concept of memory and gathering nostalgic snippets of an experience or moment in time. Her latest work explores surface quality, the panorama vista and the landscape and nature. Capturing the environment, atmosphere and our interaction between the present and a memory. Layers of collage and paint are applied and removed revealing the fine layers of colour and highly textural elements. This is then enhanced through energetic mark making and line and combining a variety of brush marks and on occasions stitch. Marks simply dance around the canvas and evoke the atmosphere of that place and space.
After completing a BA Hons in Textile Design in Nottingham, specializing in embroidered sculptural textiles and fashion. She proceeded to a post graduate teaching qualification in Liverpool, resulting in twenty plus years of teaching in schools and colleges across the North West of England alongside her work as a practising artist.
This is something which runs simultaneously with her own practice.
She has exhibited regularly in various galleries and in November 2017 launched her virtual gallery and website. This has provided her with a virtual platform to exhibit her work,

Her collection of paintings in a range of subtle hues based on her visits to the beautiful locations and rocky and pebble landscapes. A series which incorporates a soft subtle colour palette designed to ease into a range of interior settings. Thus providing peaceful, calm and tranquil compositions. The paintings reflect location visits and abstracts connected to nature. Explore and wander across the beautiful honey coloured beaches, and panoramic vistas, enhanced with soft greys and plaster pinks and indulge in the more abstract linear compositions which overlay each surface allowing art to escape and take us elsewhere. Sophie is passionate about the sense of enrichment and wellness art can provide.

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

The surface is the most important element of my work. It is the foundation for everything to connect together. This is the essence of each piece which provides a framework for the colour and composition. Although my work is often inspired by the landscape and nature it is fundamentally about memory and experience often appearing as abstraction too.

My use of colour could be described as sensual and ethereal, the atmosphere and sense of being is important, I want to create calmness and connection. I often use a variety of media to create my mixed media works, snippets of time literally captured through collection as this unites itself within the surface and composition.

I am interested in the creative process, escapism and how art allows us to discover new experiences visually and spiritually.

Sophie Hardisty

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