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Sophie's Masterclasses

Masterclasses-bespoke learning - one to one e-art learning tailored to your needs - Please contact for prices and further information and discuss your specific requirements

MASTERCLASSES -personalised learning tailored for individuals- by appointment only minimum booking four sessions

A series of skills based one to one studio sessions aimed at students currently studying Art at various levels. To gain an in depth knowledge of techniques in order to develop and enhance their current practice.



A tailored series of workshops sessions 1hr each aimed at secondary school students, designed to meet the needs of the GCSE Art and Design coursework components. An opportunity to share ideas, and plan a strategic route to further develop coursework projects. Advice can be given regarding assessment components and how best to meet them.

Masterclass Content - session 1
Identify the students strengths and areas for development.
Review current work and provide solutions to areas for development.
Plan a strategy to meet the needs of the coursework component.
Introduce a range of tasks to develop the overall portfolio.
Introduce a range of presentation ideas for the sketchbook and portfolio
Discuss appropriate artist referencing to develop portfolio ideas.
Provide feedback by way of tutorial notes.

Masterclass Content - session 2
Sketchbook techniques - development of drawing and mark making skills
Introduction of drawing approaches for the sketchbook and explanation and discussion on drawing styles with practical exercises.
Artist referencing for drawing.
Exploring line / various media.
Development and understanding of the formal elements.
Presentation skills.
Outline of additional practice tasks to develop this further at home.

Masterclass Content - Session 3
Review and feedback on previous tasks.
Experimentation with a range of media.
How to use colour effectively and develop successful colour palettes to work with.
Mark making using a range of media appropriate to ideas.
Development of initial ideas.
​Outline of additional practice tasks to develop this further at home.

Masterclass Content - Session 4
Review and feedback on previous tasks.
Developing ideas for future outcomes and projects.
How to use colour effectively
Planning ideas for final pieces
Artist referencing for final pieces
Presentation ideas and techniques.

For costs including materials please contact Sophie @

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