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My Story

"Art is about aesthetics- you cannot separate this - no matter what the concept of the work is, there is always a visual return to this. For me it's about beauty and escapism, art allows our senses to travel without physically moving”

Sophie Hardisty

Sophie's work transcends across a range of art disciplines. Original mixed media artworks are created through collage, painting, printmaking, stitch and numerous media. The surface is the essence within Sophies's pieces.

A message from Sophie

Welcome to my art studio Sophie's emporium. Art for me encapsulates so many things; it’s a mechanism for escaping the world and chaos around us, paintings can take us to new places- whilst providing us with the opportunity to decorate our spaces expressing ourselves and our personality.

Art has always been an integral part of my life and the joy of creating things has been a passion from an early age through to my arts degree, many years of teaching and through my own practice as a professional artist. Art has a reputation for the elite, but it is my belief that art and the concept of being 'creatively different' and individual is indeed for all. Original art should be our own personal sanctuary.
Art should be an expression of oneself, peace, harmony, individuality and style.

After completing a BA Hons in Textile Design, I progressed to specializing in embroidered sculptural textiles, fashion, interiors and painting. I also hold a Post Graduate Certificate in Education.
Alongside my studio practice, I have been teaching in schools and colleges across the North West of England for over twenty five years. This covers Art, Fashion, Textiles, and Photography. I very much enjoy the teaching aspects coupled with the opportunity to expand creatively. I am a published Author and Illustrator and I have also worked as an educational examiner and I now curate two virtual galleries and also my art school Sophie’s Createry. These projects run simultaneously with my own practice.

I exhibit regularly in various galleries and you can find my original art and affordable interior pieces direct from my studio website and selected galleries and stockists. I enjoy exploring a range of techniques and a passion for textural surfaces which can be created with media. I am interested in the sense of well being which is created through not only the creative process but also through the visual experience. I think this is one of the magical capabilities of Art.

I hope my values and concepts resonate with you and I invite you to visit the links on my website and discover my Art. Would you like to be part of my journey by becoming one of my art collectors? I am right here to connect with you and request that you can unveil any pre conceived mysteries and discover how art is for everyone-sign up to my studio list for more.
Living and experiencing art is revitalising, energising, enriching and will offer you so much reflection. I hope that I can share my joy and passion for creativity with you.

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