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Come create with me direct from my studio- discover your creative potential through my range of e-art learning and consultancy programme


Escape the everyday with Art















Sophie’s Createry is an online art school with a difference, it’s about creativity, discovering your potential and above all enjoying the process.
The e-art learning allows you to work with Sophie from her studio at your own pace at a time to suit you. The courses cover technical skills but also experimentation to allow you to develop individually.
I really hope they give you the confidence and the stillness to use art as a method to escape the everyday and allow you to discover your creativity, whilst providing relaxation and improving your well-being.

Sophie Hardisty













Sophie's art practice and creativity inspires students, with her years of teaching experience she offers guidence and support to students as they progress to become independent artists.
A.M. Liverpool



Sophie’s work - Sources used as inspiration

Alongside her professional practice, 25 years of experience in art education, leading an expressive arts faculty, working as an art examiner for a number of qualifications, training others alongside leading universities in the north west you can be sure that you’re placing your creativity and learning in safe hands with Sophie’s Createry.



"Mindfulness" by definition allows us to embrace new ideas, to re-energise, reflect and refuel our minds. From a personal perspective, rather akin to the abstract expressionists, the act of painting where the conscious and subconscious collide, for me, has always been an accurate perception of what the creative process involves. The need to create is inherent in all my work and has always been at the forefront of my mission when creating Art. The process itself, is as integral as the media and composition. The art of expression is truly revealed when you essentially are able to escape the everyday and become transfixed, present, within the ‘flow’ of creativity. When you are able to utilise this process to escape the everyday, it becomes liberating, indulgent, addictive but also highly necessary.

Mindfulness is a wonderful by product of creating and making art, offering a holistic art experience. The power and energy that can be achieved through the physical and mental partnership continues to be an evolving source of balance, harmony and inspiration.
When viewing my paintings I prefer the individual to engage on a personal level, I strongly believe that all good art should create some sort of reaction whether that be, positive, reflective or responsive or a plethora of other emotions affecting the senses. This is part of a holistic approach and crucial to my personal philosophy on painting. The essence of creating something different, unique in contrast to a world where mass production and consumerism have overtaken craftsmanship and the essence of individuality. My work is always about connection—connecting with the present, past, a memory or an experience and is highly personal. How I relate to it and how it contributes to my well being is unique to each piece. I can give descriptions and hints as to when and what each piece is about for me personally but also I would wish that, the viewer could engage, absorb and relate and find something which is personal to them.

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