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Liverpool I - Secret Gardens Series - Exhibition Print

Liverpool I - Secret Gardens Series - Exhibition Print

Secret gardens studio print series 

The secret gardens series celebrates our relationship with nature. It’s Renaissance, resilience and reassurance. Bringing the outside inside and re-establishing the importance of the world around us. Reconnecting and rebalancing offering greater calmness and peace through its stillness and beauty.

Have you ever wandered and discovered a secret garden or the unexpected? This series of mixed media drawings were created from interconnected visits of external surroundings gathering and collecting snippets to act as reminders of each journey and using line and media to record them to reflect their energy and vitality. 

Nature offers us so much although we so often take it for granted. Secret gardens Celebrates the seasons, the outside world, with its peace and wonder and allows us the opportunity to enjoy it in our home. 


I am so passionate about the positive effects of our environment on our well-being and it’s relationship with creating art, I would like to share this offer with you. An opportunity to have this series of prints in your home at a very low price with other special offers available too so that you can enjoy the reinvigorated effects of bringing nature indoors to not only decorate your spaces but bring peace and tranquillity to mind,


If you like my work - secret gardens studio print series is an opportunity to purchase smaller works at an affordable price range. I am offering a small series of prints which are packaged ready to be enjoyed in your home. A new unique opportunity to get your hands on creative unique pieces for your interior spaces. Celebrating the calmness and tranquility of nature. De- stress with prints of my mixed media drawings bringing the outside inside. 

A4 unframed exhibition print on matt 170gsm paper.


    £22.00 Regular Price
    £16.00Sale Price
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