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Liverpool XI -  Secret Gardens Series -Exhibition Print

Liverpool XI - Secret Gardens Series -Exhibition Print

Secret Gardens Series is an open edition of exhibition prints.


Have you ever wandered and discovered a secret garden, space or the unexpected? This series of exhibition prints of mixed media drawings were created from interconnected visits in walks around the local envrionment. Exploring my external surroundings gathering, collecting snippets of items as I walk, to act as reminders of each journey and the use of line and media to record them to reflect their energy and vitality. Nature offers us so much, although we so often take it for granted.

Secret Gardens celebrates the seasons, the outside world, with it's peace and wonder and allows the opportunity to enjoy it in our home.

This series celebrates our relationship with nature, it's renaissance, resilience and reassurance. The Secret Garden Series brings the outside inside, re-establishing the importanceof our surroudings, nature and the world around us.

I hope that this series brings reconnection and rebalance, offering the viewer stillness and calm.


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