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blue green drawing and painting

'Energise' - Abstract Liberation Series

From the Abstract Liberation series. An original artwork by artist Sophie Hardisty.

Mixed Media on 300gsm paper.

Size 19cm x 27cm 

Signed with certificate of authenticity 




Abstract Liberation is about re-discovery exploring line mark making and the freedom of creativity.


"I hope my art brings a sense of peace and calmness to interior spaces”

Sophie Hardisty


Each piece in this series is created through layering colour, exploring translucency and overlaying line. It is fundamentally about process and creating with energy and spontaneity. 


Uk shipping included but please contact for international shipping. 


Sophie Hardisty is an internationally recognised artist, educator and virtual art curator known for soft subtle mixed media painting. This series of works on paper is a rare opportunity to own an original artwork on this surface and scale.

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